Brand Vision


Special functional underwear brand ergonomically designed to promote men’s health and the happiness of family

coolpower is doing a research and planning on the product aimed at world market through launching COOLPOWER based on a know-how to develop and produce high functional underwear product over many years. Future underwear market is expected to expand continuously, focusing on high functional underwear as the segmentation of concept, target and function are more are accelerated. Responding to this trend, COOLPOWER will do its best to grow into an honest and righteous brand leading market and to stand as a firm having worldwide brand and design power by maximizing customer satisfaction through endless challenge and development of advanced product. Not being satisfied with present position, we will challenge with endless passion for the future shared with our customers.


Comport & Health science

" Comfortable and healthy life“

Comport & Health science are the value of comprehensive concept.
Entity capable of supporting " Comfortable and healthy life“ By emphasizing men’s health through men’s functional underwear which is COOLPOWER’s advantageous field, COOLPOWER desires to form a differentiated image as a functional underwear product with quality value which our family can wear for health.

Brand Identity

“Hang the Wing on the Underwear.

With the wing meaning the higher dimension and freedom as a motive, it is expressing a strong and confident strong masculinity with symbol representing pride as a brand of men’s functional underpants and word mark of wholly sharp and thick shape.

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