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3D Cubic System

Functional underwear to maintain men’s health- Coolpower

The world’s first high functional men’s underwear equipped with the cooling bag with ice-skin 3-D separation structure features active decrease in the temperature by 3℃, health maintenance of men’s scrotums, excellent moisture absorption and quick drying, powerful antibiosis and deodorization, and comfortable 3-D ergonomical design.

There is optimal comfort in both the inside and the outside of the body!

Contact cool sensation fabric being used for the first time in the world and only one in Korea, high functional men’s underwear, COOLPOWER embedded with cooling bag of Ice-skin 3D separation structure (Ice-skin 3-D separation structure applied to the world’s first aqua-X cooling bag.) -Cooling bag of ice-skin 3-D separation structure has following features and benefits unlike common functional underwear..

-3℃ Cooling Science

-3℃ Cooling Science

the function of maintaining actively healthy temperature of scrotum

Coolpower not only separates men’s scrotum from groin, but also separates actively the main part of men’s body from thigh and lowers sensible temperature by -3℃ , so it helps to promote comfort and mens’s health.

Coolingbag is made of hammock(?) structure and supports softly men’s scrotum repeating relaxation and contraction and relaxes and contracts naturally according to the movement of scrotum.

Quick Dry

Quick Dry

Excellent Function of Moisture Absorption and Quick Drying

Men’s scrotum is the part sweating most among the parts of body. Cooling bag of aquax fabric absorbs sweat and excretes 4-5 times quickly and strongly compared with common cotton.

Cutting-edge multi-channel very fine structure absorbs sweat into fabric and then excretes it from body effectively.

For Men &Women

Powerful Antibiosis, Deodorization

Coolpower’s overwhelming ability to excrete and dry sweat maintains best comfort and wear sensation and effectively inhibits reproduction of bacteria and odor in groin. Also it is effective in preventing women’s health risks (uterine cancer, vaginitis, urethritis, cystitis).

Comfortable & Good Design

Comfortable Wear Sensation Showy

Coolpower underpants were developed through clinical tests of more than 200 times, so cubic structure designed to be worn easily like common underpants provides comfort and remarkable wear sensation as if we did not wear it. Also there is no difference in appearance from common underpants, so it overcame the shortcoming of uncomfortable and embarrassing functional underpants.

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